Perspectives on Complex Understandings




audiovisual translation, media accessibility, product research, process research, professional aspects, training, user reception policy


This special issue contains a peer-reviewed selection of papers presented at Media for All 9: Complex understandings, a conference which took place in Stockholm in 2019. This introduction links the 15 articles included in this special issue to the conference theme, which is also the theme of this volume: complex understandings. The ultimate aim of the research presented here is to throw light on the various and complex perspectives, processes, views and agents involved in audiovisual translation and media accessibility. This introductory article highlight the main points of the different papers, and it also organises the contributions according to the different perspectives they take: product-based studies, process-based studies, training-based studies, user-based studies and policy-based studies. Overall, this volume offers a thorough overview of state-of-the-art research in audiovisual translation and media accessibility.


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Author Biographies

Jan Pedersen, Stockholm University

Jan Pedersen was educated at the universities of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Uppsala. He received his Ph.D. from Stockholm University in 2007 and was made an Associate Professor in Translation Studies there in 2015. His dissertation is entitled Scandinavian Subtitles, and it is a comparative study of TV subtitling norms in the Scandinavian countries. He is the former president of ESIST, member of EST and TraNor, co-editor of Benjamins Translation Library and Journal of Audiovisual Translation, which he also co-founded. He is a frequent presenter at international conferences, and his publications include the 2011 monograph Subtitling Norms for Television, as well as several articles on subtitling, translation and linguistics. He also worked as a television subtitler for many years. Jan works at Stockholm University, where he holds the post of Director of the Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies, where he also researches and teaches audiovisual translation.

Anna Matamala, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Holds BA in Translation and PhD in Applied Linguistics, is an associate professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Barcelona). She currently leads TransMedia Catalonia, a research group focusing on media accessibility. Anna Matamala is the main researcher of the European project EASIT, on easy-to-understand language, and co-leader of RAD. She has participated and led projects on audiovisual translation and media accessibility, and has taken an active role in the organisation of scientific events. She is currently involved in standardisation work at ISO.




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