Calls for papers


For the open issues, JAT follows the continuous publication (CP) model. The CP model allows for the immediate publication of an article as soon as it is ready; that is, peer-reviewed, approved by the Editorial Board, copyedited, typeset, and proofread. This way accepted articles do not need to wait until a particular issue of the journal is completed. The open issue will have a publishing deadline on the last day of December. However, the online issue will be fed throughout the year and when the deadline of the open issue passes, it is closed and the next issue starts to be fed. JAT collects submissions for the open issues throughout the year (there is no submission deadline).

As the only dedicated academic journal on the field of audiovisual translation, The Journal of Audiovisual Translation (JAT) encourages the submission of original research papers and practice reports in the field of audiovisual translation (AVT) and media accessibility in areas including subtitling (or captioning), audio description (AD), dubbing and voice-over. We welcome contributions on traditional media such as television and film, new media, live events, opera, theatre, museums and other contexts. Submissions can be sent at any time - there is no specific deadline.

We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions that meet a high standard of scholarship and contribute new knowledge on the discipline. We also encourage interdisciplinary studies within the broader discipline of Translation Studies, but also with psychology, cognitive science, media studies, communication studies, sociology, linguistics, inclusive design, accessibility studies and other areas.  


Currently, we do not have an open call for papers in the thematic section.


Currently, we do not have an open call for papers in the special issue.