Game on! Burning issues in game localisation




video games, game localisation, audiovisual translation (AVT), game accessibility, reception studies, quality, collaborative translation, technology, translator training


Game localisation is a type of audiovisual translation that has gradually been gathering scholarly attention since the mid-2000s, mainly due to the increasing and ubiquitous presence of video games in the digital society and the gaming industry's need to localise content in order to access global markets. This paper will focus on burning issues in this field, that is, issues that require specific attention, from an industry and/or an academic perspective. These include the position of game localisation within the wider translation studies framework, the relationship between game localisation and audiovisual translation, game accessibility, reception studies, translation quality, collaborative translation, technology, and translator training.


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Author Biography

Carme Mangiron, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Lecturer and a member of the research group TransMedia Catalonia at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She is also the Programme Director of the MA in Audiovisual Translation at UAB. Carme has extensive experience as a translator, specialising in software and game localisation. Her research interests include game localisation, game accessibility, audiovisual translation and media accessibility. She has published extensively in international journals and participated in several national and international research projects. She is co-author of Game Localization: Translating for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry (O’Hagan and Mangiron, 2013), one of the editors of Fun for All: Translation and Accessibility Practices in Video Games (Mangiron, Orero & O'Hagan, 2014) and the organizer of the Fun for All: Translation and Accessibility in Video Games Conference, which started in 2010 and runs every two years.




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Mangiron, C. (2018). Game on! Burning issues in game localisation. Journal of Audiovisual Translation, 1(1), 122–138.