Thematic sections

The Journal of Audiovisual Translation occasionally publishes thematic sections in the regular issue which contain 3-6 articles. The aim of thematic sections is to bring out articles on a particular theme in order to enable new insights into topics relevant for audiovisual translation and media accessibility.

Articles for thematic sections are collected both by public call and direct invitation by the guest editor. The public call is published by the Editorial Board of the journal in collaboration with the guest editor.

Proposals for thematic/special sections should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief Anna Jankowska ( by the 30th of September 2 years prior to the publication date (e.g., for publication in 2024, by September 2022).

They should include:

  • Title of the special/thematic section.
  • Information about the guest editor/s (name and surname, academic affiliation, contact).
  • Description and explanation of the proposed thematic section.
  • Possible authors.

The Editor in Chief will make the final selection on the proposed theme section based on the Editorial Board's input. When considering suggestions, the Editorial Board will consider the journal's publishing policy and the scientific importance of the proposed topic.

Based on the Editorial Board's views and ideas, the Editor in Chief may request modifications to the proposals. After accepting the proposal for the thematic issue, the Editorial Board publishes a public call on the website of the journal in collaboration with guest editors.