Framing Media Accessibility Quality




accessibility studies, audiovisual translation, media accessibility, media accessibility quality, quality


The article provides an initial general overview of the status of quality in media accessibility. After highlighting some of the reasons behind the importance of addressing quality in media accessibility, the article discusses some problems that undermine the potential for full maturation of research and practices on quality. Then, it presents some possible solutions and proposes to use “media accessibility quality” to refer to the overarching problem of quality in media accessibility. The article concludes by listing a set of actions that constitutes a first draft of an agenda for the future of media accessibility quality.


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Author Biographies

Gian Maria Greco, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain; University of Vigo, Spain

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow and a member of the TransMedia Catalonia research group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), where he directs the MSCA project Understanding Media Accessibility Quality. He is also Research Associate at the GALMA research group of the University of Vigo (Spain). His research focuses on foundational and applied issues in accessibility studies. He has extensive experience as an accessibility consultant for public institutions and private organisations regarding policies, live events, and cultural heritage. Among his publications, the book (in Italian): Accessibility, Health and Safety of Live Events and Venues (2015).

Anna Jankowska, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Anna Jankowska is lecturer and researcher at the Chair for Translation Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and president of the Seventh Sense Foundation – an NGO providing access services. Anna is a researcher, academic teacher, audiovisual translator, describer and media accessibility manager. Her areas of expertise include audiovisual translation, media accessibility and translator training. She participated in many research project on audio description and supervised access services provision for many events and sites. Anna is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation, member of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST), AVT Lab Research Group, Intermedia Research Group, AKCES expert group and an honorary member of the Polish Audiovisual Translators Association (STAW).




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Greco, G. M., & Jankowska, A. (2019). Framing Media Accessibility Quality. Journal of Audiovisual Translation, 2(2), 1–10.