New article published


We are happy to announce that a new article has been published in JAT: Khoshsaligheh, M., Sarvghadi, F. . ., & Mohammad Alizadeh, B. (2022). Impact of Song Dubbing on Characterization: Frozen in Persian. Journal of Audiovisual Translation5(1), 186–206. Retrieved from

Lay Summary

In musical films, songs by the characters are interwoven into the story. When characters sing, they reveal their inner emotions and thoughts using the song’s message. Any manipulation in dubbing of these songs into other languages can and does result in changes in how the original singers’ characterization is represented for the new audience. To study the impact of the dubbed songs on the singer’s characterization, we reviewed the previous studies and came up with a new way for characterization analysis in dubbed songs by merging and adapting some the models from translation studies and film studies fields. Next, we sued the model to study the Persian dubbed version of the songs of the hit musical animated film, Frozen (2013). The results reveal various changes in the dubbed version in terms of characterization through changing the visual and verbal aspects of the songs in a way that the Persian dubbed version portrays the singers’ characterization considerably dissimilarly.